Tom and Jen Sliker
Asheville, NC
Last Update: September 29, 2008


What’s Happening with Tom and Jenny!
Dateline September 29, 2008: Tom and Jenny are hanging out and keeping busy in Asheville, NC where they just downsized from a house in Woodfin to an apartment in South Asheville not far from the Biltmore Estate, but we don’t get invited there to tea. Our new address is 512 Turtle Creek Drive, still Asheville, still NC, new zip – 28803. Same phone, same email, etc. etc.
Jenny is starting the second half of her master’s degree program and will graduate May 2009 with an MS in Leadership and Management from Montreat College. It’s been fun and challenging, and the cohort she is with is a great group of people.
Tom and Jenny are both working at the YWCA of Asheville – Tom is at the front desk and helping out with security and Jenny is the New Choices director – a women’s economic empowerment program. Both of us try to honor our free membership by working out and using the gym, pool, etc. on a regular basis.
Other than that, we are spending time together, going to Jubilee (our wonderful new church group where jenny sings now and then), spending time with friends, going to Charlotte and Mooresville to visit Ben & Marie and Amanda & Will, getting together with the rest of the family when time permits – the usual stuff.
Amanda and Ben are grown ups and have their own pages, websites, facebooks, etc. so you probably know more about them than us – however, we both got into the 21st century and Tom and Jenny have Facebook pages.
More updates soon, now that we have shocked the world and actually sent something for our page!!