Eric, Theresa, Hope and Myles Thompson
Plainfield, IL
(Son of Bruce and Lynn Thompson of Huntley, IL)
Last Updated: 07/08/2006

*written by Eric Thompson 9/16/2004*
Greetings from Chicago.
This is your cousin Eric Thompson. I was at the Beese's this past
Sunday for a party for Amanda, and heard about you web site and thought I would check it out. How are you guys doing? It looks like your
family is doing well. It was good to see pictures of you and your brothers. I also saw Rick, Naomi and Cullen this weekend. My wife and I hoping to visit them in WI soon.
I will give you a little update on me and my family. My wife Theresa and I liave in Plainfield, IL. I have two children,
Hope (5), and Myles (2). What a handful they can be. My Parent, Bruce and Lynn, are doing well and living in Huntley IL around the corner from
my grandparents who are also doing very well. My daughter Hope started Kindergaeten this fall and is loving it so far. Myles is enjoying the
time without his big sister bossing him around very much.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Look forward to hearing from you
Hopefully Pictures to follow!