John and Catherine Crossman
Hamsterlandia, WA
Latest Update: 09/13/2007

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*written by John Crossman 10/4/2004*

"Dougie and Ya-Ya,

Hmmm, given the rather complete monologue that followed my humble reply (earlier), it appears that I have only done half a job. Herewith is an update on the remainder of the Crosspersons:

Sarah and husband Steve are in Vicenza, Italy and have been there for a few months now. Just now setting up their house after getting household goods a few weeks ago. They got a separate house on a US stairwell apartments for them, nosirree-bob. Steve is the S-2 of the 173rd Airborne Bde and faces a year-long deployment starting sometime after Christmas. Their dawg, Terra and daughter Evan are both with them, of course. Attached file "Evan Sept 28, 2004" applies in this case; she bears an uncanny resemblance to Sarah at that age.

Karen and husband Lupe are still in Puyallup, about a dozen miles from our place. He's in the landscaping biz and she's job-hunting for something she can do from home, so she can take care of Clara, now about 3 months old, without having to deal with the cost of day-care. As an alternative, she's also offered to do some part-time managerial stuff at Kinko's (the one from which she recently resigned), just to "help out"....all with the proviso that she can bring the baby into work in a baby carrier and tend to her in one of the back rooms. Attached file "Clara 2" is the proper reference here.

Sniffo and fiancé Jerod Nace just bought a house, and a bunch of stuff to put in it, in Tacoma, also about 12 miles from our place. They've only been moving in for about a week (plus), so the place is still a litter of boxes....and not enough shelving upon which to put things (sound familiar?). She still works for a major accounting firm and has risen above the receptionist level she occupied for some she's doing marketing as well. Jerod works for the Rainier Pacific bank. It's worth noting that both of these financial wizards have degrees in theater and music and such, so that their acumen in the financial world is apparently solely the result of OJT. They just got a 5-week-old golden retriever poopy (no, not a typo)....just what they need to accompany their moving-in efforts. File "Jerod-Steph_2" applies in this case.

Went out to the Oly airport today for my bi-weekly funsie flight and the fog was so thick I couldn't even see the other side of the airfield. Soooo, had to re-schedule for another time (sigh). you're completely up to date.

Regards to all the guys,


"Uncle Dougie,

Oh, snivel snivel whine whine. Of course there is somebody here and, true to form, I hang on your every word. Really, I do. Just got preoccupied with running an NRA coach school (wherein we train prospective smallbore rifle coaches) and am still fairly bogged down in the paperwork associated with that drill. Nice to hear from you, all the sniveling notwithstanding. :-)

All is well at Chez Crossman. Dan is in the throes of 9th grade and is playing french horn in the school band, playing string bass in the school jazz band, taking fencing lessons (of all things) and, most recently, has been selected for the "Young Scrooge" role in a local production of A Christmas Carol. Regrettably, it's not all that local, so Cathrun and I will spend about 2 hours round trip to get him to and from rehearsals...6 times a week. Steph's fiancee has also been selected for a role, so there is the likelihood that he'll be able to haul Dan up and back a few times per week.

Cath'run is still up to her clerical collar in church activities and enjoying it a whole what else is new? I am still up to my sling in shooter activites, and similarly enjoying it all....although I will confess that I occasionally tire of having to 'splain to some munchkin which end of the rifle goes against his damn shoulder. At my near-senile age, I really prefer to work with the more advanced shooters, but you take the cards you're dealt, I guess.

Und Ihnen? Vot's new mit der Familie Black, hmmmm?



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